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Hockey Camps

Fall 2017
3v3 League
Squirts, Peewees, Bantams


Mondays and Wednesdays
August 30 - September 23 
6 Sessions (No League Labor Day)
Squirts: 6:00-7:00pm
Peewees 7:15-8:15pm
Bantams 8:30-9:30pm
3, 17-minute games per session
Cost: $60/skater, $20/Goalie
Sign up on individual basis
Each session will have new teams
Teams separated fairly for competitiveness
Meet and play with new players every session

Why 3v3 Half Ice

  • Allows for many players to participate at once
  • Fair and competitive games; both teams shoot against the same goalie
  • Quick transitions from offense to defense help in quick decision-making and attacking the net
  • All players “stay in the game” since game play is confined to a small area
  • Increased puck touches for all players compared to full-ice game play
  • Improved puck handling and puck protection skills with constant challenge of game play

How It Works

You will register your player indicating both the age level they will play in the fall as well as what level and team they did play on the previous year. Teams will be made up each session to balance rosters and create for all-around competitive games.

When your player enters the rink each day, there will be a roster and game schedule on the Locker Room Assignment board. Your player will find which team he/she is on for that day and pick up the matching color penny.

Game Play

All games will be half-ice and each team will play on the same net. In order for possession to change from offense to defense, one player on the defending team will need to take the puck past the blue line. Each team will carry a roster of 6-8 players depending on numbers. Player’s will change on the “fly”. This camp is open to all players and skill levels.

Every player should bring both a Light and Dark jersey.

Ozaukee Ice Center reserves the right to expel any player from the program for vulgar or unsportsmanlike behavior.

  • Players will change on the Fly.
  • 3-minute Warm Up before first game and in-between games.
  • Minor penalties will result in the player needing to make an immediate substitution. Three minor penalties maximum per player per game; after three they will not be allowed to play in the remainder of that game.
  • Major penalties will result in the player’s expulsion from the remainder of that session.
  • After each goal, scoring team will get free possession back in the neutral zone and gameplay will continue upon “ok” from the official. Free line changes will be allowed after a goal is scored.
  • If the puck passes the center ice red line, the team that shot/passed/lost possession outside of the red line will loss possession.
  • Only ONE defensive player needs to carry the puck outside the blue line to change defensive to offensive possession.
  • When a goalie freezes the puck, offensive players have to retreat to the tops of the circles before they can challenge the defensive possession.
  • No offsides.
  • NO Checking at any level.


Youth Hockey Camps

Summer 2017

Elite Camp is an all-encompassing camp, focusing on all facets of the game, from Skills and Flow Drills to Competition and Games.

Bantam/High School Co-Ed Elite Program

Summer 2017

Updated Wednesday Schedule

Coach Navarre: 4:00-5:15pm
Coach West: 5:30-6:45pm
Coach Hebda: 7:00-8:15pm
Coach George: 8:30-9:45pm
Players are to chose which on-ice session they want to attend on Wednesday Guest Coach day. 



My name is Shay Klitzke, I am the Owner and Trainer at Commit Fitness. It has been an amazing opportunity to join the Ozaukee Ice Center starting in January of 2015. Developing this training facility inside OIC has created a space to allow all of the hockey community to reach their fitness goals. There are multiple training platforms at Commit Fitness that can offer functional training to all populations in the area. We offer 1on1 personal training, Group training, and Sport Performance Training.
As a trainer I graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology, while studying for my bachelor’s degree I was a collegiate athlete at CUW playing Hockey and Football.  Commit Fitness programming focuses on the efficiency of each workout, developing proper form and functional movements that correlate directly with the group or individuals goals.
Hockey is a sport that takes on multiple elements of fitness. As a hockey player you specifically need to develop speed/power, strength, agility, flexibility, and stick skills. During a game you conduct multiple short bursts of speed consistently throughout each shift, with those burst you also need to with stand a high aerobic threshold to optimize your ability on the ice. When developing a hockey training program we focus on strength building movements that are going to produce carryover. In the off-season program we will focus on the core elements (speed/power, strength, agility, flexibility, and sticks skills) in each session. To ensure this the workouts will be set up in stations that the athletes will move through, where we can focus on form and proper movements to develop each athlete. 

Chris Donovan

Camp Director

Phone: 262-305-9981

Monday Lead Coaches

Zach Gaynor
Associate Head Coach: Marian University Men, NCAA D3
Former Player: Marian University, NCAA D3
Head Coach: Milwaukee Phoenix Spring AAA U16 and U18
Steve Fabiilli
Head Coach: Concordia University Women, NCAA D3
Former 10-yr Head Coach: Northland University Men, NCAA D3
Canisius College 4-year Player, NCAA D1
2001 Male Athlete of the Year: Canisius College
B.S. Physical Education

Wednesday Guest Coaches

Nate George
Head Coach, Lakeshore Lightning
Buster Hebda
Head Coach, Germantown Ice Bears
Tony Navarre
Head Coach, Homestead Highlanders
Dale West
Head Coach, Cedarburg Bulldogs
Thursday Guest Coaches
Guy Gosselin
2-time Olympian, 1988 and 1992
Assistant Coach, Gold Medal Paralympics
University of Minnesota-Duluth: Athletic Hall of Fame
USA Hockey ADM Regional Manager
Stan Drulia
Assistant Coach, Milwaukee Admirals
14-year Professional Career; IHL, AHL, NHL
Jasen Wise
Head Coach, Concordia University WI
AJ Aitken
Associate Head Coach, St. Norbert College
Former Head Coach, Marian University
Former Player, Michigan Tech & CHL
Mike Szkodzinski
Head Coach, Lawrence University

Former NCAA D1 and D3 Goaltender

More to come....


All coaches are current or former collegiate or professional players and/or coaches.