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OIC Elite Clinic Summer 2024


Registration Opens April 29th at 7AM

Tuesday 07/30 - Sunday 08/04 2024

Paired with a WFSC Test Session on August 4th.

To register for the test session:

Camp private lessons are available to skaters of all levels.  Classes require a minimum level of Learn to Skate FS skills, and are recommended for a minimum of FS 2 or above, however all FS level skaters are welcome with the understanding that some instruction may be above their ability level.  Classes will be divided into levels with an upper level class for skaters working on double jumps, upper level moves/ dance/ etc.  ALL AGES ARE WELCOME!

If you are not logged into your OIC Sports Engine Account you may be unable to  link to the registration site.

Elite Clinic Coach Information

Alex Gamelin: Dance Partner, Moves in the Field  $50 /30 mins, $60/ 30 minutes Pre-Gold/ Gold, $70/ 30 mins International

Alex is  an Olympic and World Championships competitor, and two-time South Korean National Ice Dance Champion. He is also a former Team USA competitor and a USFS Triple Gold Medalist in Free Dance, Pattern Dance, and MIF. He has trained under 1994 & 1998 Olympic Champion, Evgeny Platov, and most recently, under the coaching team lead by world[1]renowned ice dance coach and choreographer, Igor Shpilband. Alex has been coaching since 2008 and has worked with students from their very first steps in the Learn to Skate Program to world ranked international competitors. He has helped his students achieve USFS Gold Medal status in Pattern Dance and MIF. Alex is available for partnering female skaters through Gold and International dances.

Jake Fearnley:  Dance Partner, Moves in the Field  $50 /30 mins, $60/ 30 minutes Pre-Gold/ Gold, $70/ 30 mins International

Jake is originally from Great Britain and is now coaching in the Chicago area. He is a 2-time British National Champion and represented Great Britain at ISU Junior Grand Prix competitions as well as other international competitions throughout his career. Jake trained under World and Olympic level coaches and has over 20 years of skating experience. He has coached US National competitors and has also taken skaters from their first steps on the ice to earning their USFS Gold Medals. He partners and coaches all levels of ice dance and skating skills. Jake is available for partnering female skaters through Gold and International dances beginning Thursday.

Nico Osseland: Beginner-Senior Moves, Free Skate, and Pairs, Choreography  $50 /30 mins

Nico is an Olympian and French National Medalist, as well as Junior National Champion.  He earned a degree in Instruction of Sports from the INSEP in Paris, France and now has 18 years of coaching experience.   Nico has coached skaters into becoming National Gold Medalist as well as skaters who have qualified for the  Junior Grand Prix, the European Championships, Junior Worlds, and Worlds.  In addition to coaching elite athletes, he also enjoys coaching tots as well as adults.  Nico enjoys working with choreography as teaching all aspects of figure skating.

Peter Biver: Beginner-Senior Moves, Free Skate, & Pairs, Choreography, Pole Harness  $50 /30 mins

Peter is a U.S. National & International coach. He is a former National competitor, 3-time sectional competitor, and is also a 6-time U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist in Moves, Freestyle, Pairs, Compulsory Dance, Partnered Free Dance & Solo Free Dance.  Specializing in jump technique and the pole harness, Peter offers the highest-level instruction in all aforementioned disciplines to determined skaters of all ages and abilities. He is the coach of multiple USFS Gold Medalists in Moves, Freestyle, Pairs, and Dance as well as Regional, Sectional, National, and International Competitors. Peter follows a holistic approach to coaching by focusing on the complete development of each skater's personal potential as an athlete and artist.  Peter is available for partnering female skaters through Gold Dances.

Allye Ritt: Moves in the Field, Free Skate, Dance and Partnering   $37.50 /30 mins

Allye is an 8-time U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist in Moves/Skating Skills, Freestyle, Pairs, Compulsory Dance, Solo Dance (both Lead and Follow), Partnered Free Dance, & Solo Free Dance.  She is also an International Dance Medalist and a Skate Canada Gold Dance Medalist and former international performer for Disney on Ice.  She is a PSA Master Rated coach in Moves/ Skating Skills, Certified Coach in Free Skate, and has coached skaters to becoming USFS Gold Medalists in four different disciplines. Allye has nearly a decade of Middle/ High School teaching experience and uses her training in education to drive her coaching philosophy.  She is also the author of the new juvenile fiction series "Taking the Ice" for young figure skaters.  Allye is also available for partnering male skaters through Gold dances.   

Tara Stamm: Choreography, Moves in the Field, Dance   $50 /30 mins

Tara Stamm is an International Choreographer and National Coach. She is a Dancer, Movement Consultant and Analyst and holds a Bachelor’s in Dance and a Master’s in Dance/Movement Therapy. Tara is a USFS Technical Specialist in both Singles and Ice Dance and a 2-time USFS Gold Medalist in Ice Dance and Moves in the Field. She has been integrating her knowledge of Laban Movement Analysis with figure skating and teaches techniques specializing in how the body moves through time, weight, and space, to enhance the full body potential on the ice. She is an IJS components coach specializing in all 3 categories- and works closely with the athletes to educate, develop and improve their performance to maximize their score. Tara is the Artistic Director of the newly formed company Ice Theatre-Milwaukee. She was a principle skater with Ice Theatre of New York, and was the Founder and Artistic Director of Minnesota Ice Theatre.  Available Friday and Saturday

Alyssa Zajdel, PhD CMPC: Sports Psychology    $75 /30 mins

Alyssa Zajdel, PhD is a licensed psychologist and Certified Mental Performance Consultant. She received her PhD in Counseling Psychology in 2020 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Alyssa has been working with athletes and high performers since 2019 in a variety of settings including D1 collegiate athletics and private practice. As a former youth skater and current adult skater, she is eager to help figure skaters take their skating to the next level through mental skill development. Alyssa will be teaching our group classes focusing on managing performance anxiety and redefining failure through the development of a growth mindset, as well as our parent class which ties directly to our growth mindset skater class.  She will also be offering private sessions and recommends the following topics to skaters: Setting Goals, Increasing Motivation, Overcoming Injury, Improving Your Mindset, Recovering from Mistakes, Incorporating Mindfulness, Harnessing Strengths. Alyssa will be available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Rita Fehr: Beginner-Senior Moves and Freestyle. 37/30 mins

Rita Fehr is a 3-time US Figure Skating Gold medalist and a US National competitor in Senior Pairs as well as a Regional and Sectional competitor in Senior Free skate. She has experience coaching skaters through USFSA Gold Medals in Skating Skills and Solo Free Dance.  She has coached skaters through all different levels of freeskate. Rita specializes in jump technique and utilizes the pole harness in the development of jumps.

Join Us For Group Classes!

Daily Camp – 90 minutes of both on-ice and off-ice classes to help skaters reach their goals:

Skater levels will be determined by highest jump and current Moves/ Dance levels.  Skaters may find themselves in the high group for Free Skate and the Low group for Artistry and Edge classes or vice versa pending their current levels.  In addition, this year's camp will start on Tuesday and will feature sports psychology offerings for skaters hoping to learn how to put their best foot forward in their performances!


Class Bundle: $225 ($100 savings!) Includes 5 on-ice classes, 5 off-ice classes, and one sports psych parent class


Purchase classes individually for $35 on-ice or $25 off-ice