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Hockey Camps

Fall 3v3: Peewee Group is SOLD OUT.
Goalies still needed at Squirt, Peewee, & Bantam.

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Pioneer Hockey Development Camp

NEW Fall adult hockey camp hosted by Pioneer Hockey Development!

Price: $250 + tax

Improve essential skills: skating and edgework, shooting, passing, body positioning, and hockey IQ and positional play.

Learn from experienced coaches who have college-level and above playing experience.

Goaltending coaches with college and pro experience will help goalies improve edgework and skating, positioning, and puck control. 

For more information and to register, visit: 

Age Classifications

6U (2018, 2017, 2016)

8U (2015, 2014)

10U (2013, 2012)

12U (2011, 2010)

14U/16U (2009, 2008, 2007, 2006)


Daily Schedule
Mites- 8U
11:15-12:15pm On-Ice
12:30-1:30pm Off-Ice
Squirts- 10U
Group 1
12:30-1:30pm On-Ice
1:45-2:45pm Off-Ice
Group 2
11:15-12:15pm On-Ice
12:30-1:30pm Off-Ice
Peewees- 12U
Group 1
1:45-2:45pm On-Ice
3:00-4:00pm Off-Ice
Group 2
12:30-1:30pm On-Ice
1:45-2:45pm Off-Ice
3:00-4:00pm On-Ice
4:15-5:15pm Off-Ice
High School
Morning or Afternoon Sessions
Dates/Times are subject to change.
Breakaway Hockey
Summer 2022
June 13th - August 25th
No Camp the week of July 4
10 Weeks
Program Overview
2 on-ice sessions per week 
  • 10 skills sessions
  • 10 3on3 sessions (20 total games)
2-4 off-ice sessions per week
Session 1: Skill Development
Skill development with the athletes age group/ skill level. Each session will have unique differences for athlete engagement while skill repetition will be kept for the development of the athletes skills. 
We want this session to be fast paced where athletes will get multiple reps in every drill. Creating small groups with short lines. 4-5 coaches will be on the ice for these sessions to give athletes an increased amount of coaching points throughout the skills session. 
Skating: stride/ edges, speed, power, conditioning, speed w/ the puck, etc. 
Stickhandling: Puck control, overspeed, situational awareness. 
Session 2: 3on3 League game 
Second session of every week each team will play two league 3on3 games. To start the Program every player will have an assigned team consisting of 4-5 players. Every game will be scored and recorded each week, where we will have league “standings.” 3on3 game-day gives athletes the opportunity to develop situational awareness, creativity, scoring opportunity, and quick transitions into offensive and defensive play.
Off-Ice Strength, Conditioning & Skills
Mite - Peewee: 20 sessions. Workouts will be before or after each on-ice skill session or 3on3 game. Session will include an Off-ice shooting session + Gym strength & conditioning. 
High School - Bantam: 4 Workouts per week. Focus will be on the athletes overall fitness level. Off-season strength will be a focal point in their development. The program will be designed for the athletes to peak as they start the 2022 school year.

There are four main tenets to age-appropriate, age-specific hockey:

  1. More Puck Time
    Smaller spaces mean more opportunity for a player to touch the puck – and ultimately improve their skills.
  2. Age-Appropriate Training
    By scaling the ice to their level, children are more involved, more engaged and developing their skills more efficiently.
  3. Cost Savings
    Because multiple teams share the ice, parents save on ice time costs.
  4. Increased Competition
    A smaller ice surface makes players of all skill levels think and act quicker, resulting in more frequent battles for the puck and hockey decision-making.

Source: USAHockey Age-Appropriate Training