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Ozaukee County Hockey League

Winter 2017-2018
2017-2018 x Winter

Win a Complimentary OCHL Season Fee, to be raffled off at our Golf Outing.

Welcome to the 2017/ 2018 Hockey Season! 

Welcome to new hockey players and new sponsors this season as we begin our 22nd Season at Ozaukee Ice Center. We've expanded to 17 teams with over 245 participants in 3 divisions this season.

The OCHL Game schedule through week 10 is available through the OCHL
website. The schedule for the remainder of the season will be distributed
around Christmas break.

Please ensure that the jersey you select is the one you wear for the
season. If you switch jerseys with another player - make sure to report that to your team captain. If you forget your team jersey for a game - an alternate jersey is acceptable (should be same or similar color) - check in with the scorekeeper prior to start of your game.

As often as possible, team captains are encouraged to allow equal ice time
for all players.

OCHL utilizes the USA Hockey rulebook with minor modifications to suit our league. Please be familiar with OCHL general rules. We have very specific rules for altercations and 3rd man-in situations.

Shoot out! - Tie games will result in a 5 man shootout - see details in
OCHL general rules.

Team standings and players statistics will be updated and posted at the
rink and also available on the OCHL Website. We have a bulletin board in the locker room hallway of the North rink.

OCHL Sponsors  The additional cost to play hockey in they OCHL would be $30-$40 per player without our sponsors! The OCHL encourages all team members to thank and support our sponsors whenever possible. If you do not know who your sponsor contact is, please ask your team captain.

The Ice Shack has been absolved by the rink. Teams are on their own for post-game beverages. ALL BEVERAGES MUST BE IN CANS. NO GLASS BOTTLES ALLOWED. Remember this is a privilege and not a right. Act like adults and please remember to pick up after yourself as well.

All OCHL participants are expected to have their own health care insurance coverage in the event of an injury. OCHL does not provide any type of accident or injury insurance coverage.

Scoresheets: We will have electronic score sheets for the remainder of the the season. They will update your stats in real time. The intent is to check that all players are listed as playing in that game, and goals and assists are recorded accurately. Score sheet modification requests should be emailed to Tim Baumgartner from the team captain within 48 hours of the game.

OCHL Mission Statement: The philosophy of OCHL is to have balanced teams, competitive play while we all still remain friends after the game. We are a recreational league, none of us are paid to play, and we all have families and work the next day.  Good Sportsmanship is expected. Violent behavior will not be tolerated.  Complaining, arguing or altercations with officials is not acceptable.

Have a Great Season! - And have fun out there.

Jimmy Papachristou
OCHL General Manager

Help Bob Pay His OCHL Legal Fees!

As some of you may know, a few years ago a lawsuit was filed against our league commissioner, Bob Sharp, after a league player was injured during a game. Bob was not involved in that game, he was simply the league proprietor.

The suit was finally settled against Bob, and he now owes $2,800 out of pocket for his legal fees.

Bob has selflessly run the league for over a decade, working countless hours to help make the OCHL the awesome hockey league that it is today.

Over that time, Bob has only accepted "free hockey" as compensation for his incredible efforts.

So we've set up a GoFundMe page to help raise the funds to pay for Bob's legal fees: .

Please consider donating to help Bob finally put this situation behind him and be sure to share this with your friends. There are about 250 skaters in the league, if every player chips in about $10, we can finally end a big headache for Bob.

So please, consider donating to the guy who's made fun hockey in the greater Ozaukee area possible for more than a decade.


OCHL Commissioners

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League Standings


1 Cherella Law 24
2 Freedom PT 16
2 Ziegler 17
3 Village Ace 15
4 RND Foundation 12


1 Cassel Box 25
2 Freedom PT 22
3 Wing It! 18
4 Fire Ridge 14
5 Village Ace 8


1 Entech 25
2 Ice Shack 23
3 MKE Express 19
4 Gecko 9
4 CUW 9